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For a variety of reasons, mobile storage containers serve as an excellent solution to countless storage needs. In plenty of situations, you may consider searching for portable storage containers for rent. But before you lease a mobile storage unit, you probably have a few questions and considerations to make sure you know the right information about these extremely useful storage solutions. If you’re seeking a reputable source on the ins and outs of mobile storage containers, look no further. Check out our five top tips for getting the most out of your storage unit rental.

  1. Get a few estimates
  2. As you search for storage companies in your area, be sure to shop around for the best deal, rather than simply going with the first service you find. Although there will likely be a few different services in the same price range, it’s the smartest financial decision to seek the best quote possible. Most storage companies will have a form on their website for you to complete. In some situations, the company will then contact you to conduct an in-home assessment, which will allow them to give you the most accurate estimation. This can be very valuable in making sure you don’t receive an unreasonable rate. When you compare these costs from a few different companies, you can then make an educated decision on the best service.

  3. Assess what size you need
  4. The next part of the process is to decide what container size you require for your storage needs. Part of the advantage of an in-home quote is the fact that a storage expert will be able to consult you to make sure you’re acquiring the right size for you. Residential storage containers are typically available to rent in the following sizes:

    • 8 feet long
    • 12 feet long
    • 16 feet long

    These containers are usually all 8 feet high and 8 feet wide as the standard. You can estimate the size you’ll need based on the size of your home (or the size of the items you’re looking to store) and how densely packed with items it is. Typically, an 8-foot container holds about 1 room of items, a 12-foot container holds approximately 2 rooms and a 16-foot container holds two or three rooms. This, of course, depends on what sort of items you’re looking to store, as storing many large pieces of furniture is much different from clothes or other small items. You may benefit from measuring the sizes of any boxes or furniture items you’re looking to place in your portable storage unit in order to get a better idea of the size you’ll need.

  5. Consider the timeframe
  6. Although leases will vary by company, figuring out the duration of time you’ll want to have your container will be helpful in choosing the right plan for you. Some companies offer month-by-month lease options, whereas others will require a different set-up if you’re looking to keep the container in your possession long-term. Since you’re looking for mobile storage containers for rent, you’re most likely using the storage container for a move, meaning it won’t be kept around long for things such as seasonal storage. In this case, you’ll really just need your container for long enough to load it with your belongings, take it to your new home, and then unpack it. This duration will depend on you, the time you’ll need to pack and unpack, and the length of your moving process. Considering these factors will allow you to budget properly for the amount of time you’ll need to keep your unit.

  7. Know the different uses
  8. Mobile storage units serve a number of purposes both residentially and commercially. These containers are especially useful because they are able to be transported, which is a major benefit. Portable storage containers are perfect for moves, allowing you to load the unit in your own time as you complete your packing process. You may even want to use the container while staging your house for showings. You can also use these containers for decluttering and sorting purposes, whether you’re decluttering your whole house or just part of it, such as the garage.

  9. Pack your container effectively
  10. Once you have your container, it’s crucial to pack effectively so you can make the most of the space available to you. Some people opt to use shelves or racks in their portable storage containers in order to maximize their vertical space. Another important consideration is the boxes you use to pack. When you pack, you’ll want to use sturdy boxes of a uniform size to ensure the most compact fit possible inside the container. This will also allow for easy stacking in your container. Additionally, if you’ll need to access items in your container while they’re stored there, you can leave a walkway, but if not, you can use the entire space, enabling you to fit more inside.

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With these considerations on your mind now, you can successfully move forward renting a portable storage unit and make the most fruitful use out of it. Looking for a reliable portable storage container company to rent from? Depend on The Mobile Attic for your storage unit needs. With affordable prices and reliable experts to count on, The Mobile Attic is committed to giving you the best storage solutions possible.

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