Packing and Moving Supplies List | Move-in Specials in St. Louis


Items Available to Purchase for Storage and Moving

Round Disc Lock$15.00
Small Box (1.5 cu. ft)$2.50
Medium Box (3.0 cu. ft)$3.00
Large Box (4.5 cu. ft.)$4.00
Extra Large Box (6.0 cu. ft)$6.00
Dish Pack$5.00
Cell Divider (for dish packs)$8.00
Mirror Carton (4 pcs of cardboard/each)$10.00
Lamp Carton (narrow, tall box)$5.00
Packing Tape$3.00
Packing Paper (25 lb bundle at $1/lb)$25.00
Bubble Wrap – 12″ x 100′ roll$20.00
Peanuts (14 cu. ft.)$30.00
Short Wardrobe – 24″ wide$10.00
Tall Wardrobe – 24″ wide$12.00
Wine Shipping Box (12 bottle w/foam insert)$20.00
Full Mattress Bag$6.00
Queen Mattress Bag$8.00
King Mattress Bag$10.00
Crib Mattress Box$6.00
Twin or King Split Mattress Box$12.00
Full Mattress Box$20.00
King/Queen Mattress Box$20.00
King/Queen Pillowtop Mattress Box$25.00

Items Available to Rent for Storage and Moving

Additional Ratchet Straps (4 included with each unit)$5.00
Moving Blanket$5.00
Appliance Dolly$15.00
2 Wheel Hand Truck$15.00
4 Wheel Dolly$15.00
Plastic Moving Totes (27″ x 17″ x 12″ incl. 1 dolly per 4$4.00
Speedpack (48”x29”x29” sits on 4 wheel dolly, great for dorm/elevator moves)$10.00

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