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For a wide variety of reasons, we all need storage of some sort for our belongings. In many instances, people require extra storage outside of what they already have within their homes to properly store their items. When you’re in need of a place to safely, securely, and conveniently store your belongings for any number of circumstances, one of the best options you can invest in is a portable storage container. What is a portable storage container? This is different from the traditional warehouse of storage units that you may be used to. Instead, these mobile units can effectively and conveniently be delivered wherever you need them, loaded with your belongings at your own pace, and brought anywhere else you need them to go. Although these containers can provide plenty of solutions for businesses, it’s important to remember that there are countless uses for these products from a residential standpoint. Interested in discovering the best residential uses for portable storage containers? Keep reading to find out our top five ways to use your container!

  1. Transport your belongings for a move: One of the most popular reasons for residential customers to rent a portable storage unit is to use it during a move. These containers offer the perfect solution for people looking to transport their belongings during relocation. When you choose to lease one or more of these containers, the company will deliver your unit directly to you and safely place it on a flat surface of your choosing outside your home. This is where the real perk comes in — you can load the container at your leisure for as long as you choose to rent the container. Rather than rushing to bring all the boxes into a moving truck on moving day, you now have the advantage of taking your time and not worrying about whether everything will fit into the unit easily. Instead, you’re able to complete the task at your own pace. Then, when it’s time to move to your new home, the container company will pick up and deliver your unit where it needs to go — no fuss. Once it’s at your new home, you can then do everything on your own time, rather than quickly unloading everything from a truck.
  2. Provide storage during a renovation: Another excellent way to use a storage unit is when your home is going through a renovation. Although remodeling part of your home or building an addition can be an extremely exciting time for you as a homeowner, it can also add a lot of stress as it disrupts your daily routine. A part of your house that you once used every day may suddenly be overtaken by construction, and you may have items that no longer have a place to go while you wait for your renovations to be completed. A portable storage unit can provide a solution located at your home, making it easy to transfer some of your temporarily displaced items into a secure storage area. Another great advantage is that you can lease the container for as long as you need for the renovation to be completed.
  3. A place for your seasonal items: Alternatively, you might be searching for a convenient place to store your seasonal items such as decorations or even off-season clothes. If you don’t have extra room for storage within your home, but you want to make sure you aren’t cluttering your living space, a mobile storage unit can give you the exact thing you need to safely store your seasonal items. You can choose to only keep the unit for certain times of the year, or maybe you want to keep it all year long to rotate your seasonal items out. Either way, you can get great usage out of these containers for this purpose.
  4. Get your home ready for staging: When you’re preparing to sell your home, one of the most important parts of finding a buyer is to properly stage your home in a way that entices people to buy. However, no matter how good of a housekeeper you are, getting a home staging ready is a big feat. You want to make sure your home looks picture-perfect, and that means a lot of clutter needs to get organized and cleaned. You might feel like you don’t have the right storage area within the confines of your home to properly prepare for potential buyers to visit. But that’s okay — a mobile storage unit can easily solve this dilemma for you. With the help of one of these advantageous containers, you can put some of the excess items away in your unit without worrying about how it will affect your staging. Problem solved!
  5. Successfully complete a declutter: Renting a portable storage unit can be an excellent way to complete a decluttering of your home in a methodical, organized fashion. Rather than worrying about where you will put everything while you sort and organize, you can place some items in your mobile container while you decide what you will keep and what you will get rid of. This makes it a lot easier to put organizational systems into place and figure out the best way to organize your home as you declutter your space. The portable storage container can be your best tool to make the task at hand feel much less overwhelming.

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