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The Mobile Attic: A Better Box

What is the portable storage container made of?

Think of what you are storing and make sure that the container you choose will protect your belongings from the elements. All of our containers have aluminum tops, floors and sides. The aluminum top reflects the heat (keeping the container cooler) and the aluminum floor does not hold moisture, providing better protection for your furniture. In other words, our containers are designed to take really, good care of your belongings

How will secure your items inside container

How will you secure your items inside the container?

Regardless of the delivery system, your items will shift inside the container, unless they are tied down. Don’t be fooled by fancy “lifting” devices. Your belongings are likely to move around if they are not securely fastened in place. This is why we provide the most advanced strapping system in the industry. Utilizing the “E-Trac” strapping system, we help make sure that all of your belongings will be protected in transit.

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