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Convenient Portable Storage

At Mobile Attic we allow you to keep your personal storage unit at your home or business property for as long as you need to utilize it. Simply give us a call whenever you are ready for your unit to be picked up, and we can store it at our facility for whatever length of time that you need. Our units offer ground level loading without any ramps or steep inclines, making it easier for you during the process.

Flexible Local Storage

We work around your schedule. At Mobile Attic we understand that moving can create unforeseen challenges and that having flexible solutions are of the upmost importance. We work hard to make sure that you receive the flexibility that you need to tackle tasks throughout your days.

Safe Local Storage

We have the best portable storage units in the industry. At Mobile Attic, we are set apart from our competition when it comes to safety, convenience, and affordability. Our units are designed to protect your belongings from seasonal elements throughout the year, so you never need to worry about rain, snow, mold, or sun damage. Our units also offer infinite possibilities when it comes to tying down and securing your belongings, due to their safety and security first design.

Secure Local Storage

The Mobile Attic containers are constructed with durable materials such as aluminum and steel. Our units are secure, study, and safe against seasonal elements and theft. Our roll-up door allows customers to use their own locks, so that your unit is not available to anyone else.

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