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For any number of reasons, a portable storage unit can be an extremely helpful tool to have in order to meet your storage needs. But as you look to invest in one of these containers, you might not be sure where to turn. Perhaps you’re wondering, “Are all mobile storage containers made equal?” While it may seem like a container is a container and that they all work similarly, the reality is that there are various factors that set the superior units apart from the less-than-satisfactory ones. Curious about how to find a portable storage unit from a reliable company? Interested in learning more about these mobile units? Discover the best way to obtain a dependable storage container with our four easy steps, and learn about why one of these units can greatly benefit you!

Why Do You Need a Storage Container?

First and foremost, it’s important to understand the countless uses of a storage container, especially a portable one. These units can come in handy for both commercial uses and residential uses. Commercially, many businesses benefit majorly from having a portable storage unit at their job site. For instance, construction companies often use mobile storage containers to securely house their supplies on location. Businesses from various industries can put storage containers to good use to store their materials.

Alternatively, there are plenty of residential uses for these units that you can take advantage of. One simple option is to use it when you’re relocating. Moving to a new home presents a need for high-quality storage that can easily be transported from point A to point B, and mobile units are perfect for that. Aside from relocating, seasonal storage is another common use for storage units, as they can offer long-term or short-term solutions. Additionally, the units can be used when people are staging their homes for moving. For any number of reasons, these portable containers can provide a convenient solution to people in need of affordable storage options.

  1. Discover the options: The initial step you should take when you’re interested in using a mobile storage unit is to discover the options available in your area. One of the best ways you can go about this is by asking around with trusted friends and family to see if they have used any moving and storage services recently. Seeking recommendations from people you already know and trust can be extremely beneficial, as it mitigates the risk of investing money into a subpar storage company. If you’re unable to find solid recommendations from people you know, it’s always helpful to turn to the internet and see what you can find online. Doing your research to accumulate a list of options will be helpful to guide you as you seek a company to rent from.
  2. Assess the company’s credibility: Another important part of this process involves looking into online reviews to find customer opinions. Finding the general consensus on a company’s services is an excellent way to gauge what you can expect from them. With storage containers, it’s crucial to find out if they are of high quality to ensure your items will remain in good condition while they are kept inside. You should also be sure to check that the company is in good standing with the Better Business Bureau and licensed with the United States Department of Transportation. Having the proper accreditations is a necessity, as it can assure you that you’re depending on a company that delivers on its promises and can provide you with a first-rate container that you can trust.
  3. Determine what you need: Next, you will need to decide what container fits your needs. Most reputable storage companies offer free, in-person estimates to help you determine what storage container side will be best for your belongings. Although the sizing of the mobile storage units will vary from company to company depending on their supply, you can typically expect the following sizes to be available:
    • 8 ft by 8 ft — Typically fits the amount of a studio apartment
    • 12 ft by 8 ft — Typically fits around two rooms worth of items
    • 16 ft by 8 ft — Amounts to about 1,200 square feet of space
  4. An expert at your storage company can assist you in making this decision if you’re having trouble assessing what will work best for you.
  5. Reach a rental agreement: The final step in the process of acquiring a mobile storage unit involves reaching and signing a rental agreement. Your rental agreement should include information such as the amount or rate you’ll be paying, your deposit amount, the due date of your payment, the length of your lease, cancellation terms, and any other important information that impacts the usage of your storage unit. Be sure to understand the terms of your contract prior to signing, and be careful to ensure that your contract fairly represents what you’ve discussed with the storage company.

The Perfect Mobile Storage Unit for You

With these steps, you can find the right portable storage unit with ease! If you’re looking for a storage company you can rely on, trust the Mobile Attic with all of your storage needs. Since 2007, we have served our community with mobile storage containers that you can rely on. Request a free quote today, and discover how we can help you!

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