Do You Need a Portable Storage Unit for Your Upcoming Move?

As you prepare for a move, you undoubtedly have countless responsibilities to take care of. Coordinating your schedule and getting everything done on time for moving day can be extremely difficult with so many things to do. During this process, if you choose to handle everything yourself, you may experience stress, finding the relocation challenging to manage. Instead, opt to use tools and services that can help you to streamline the entire moving process. Have you considered using a portable storage unit for your upcoming move? Opposed to a typical, stationary storage unit, portable storage containers offer various perks which can transform your move in a positive way. No matter your moving goals, a mobile storage unit can offer exactly what you need to simplify your relocation. Interested in finding out what a portable storage container can do for you? Discover three reasons why these units can be the perfect solution!

  • Convenient
  • First and foremost, portable storage units provide unmatched convenience. With your run-of-the-mill storage containers, or even with moving trucks, you either need to go to a warehouse or wait until moving day to fill the truck. With portable storage, you don’t need to experience the hassle of either of the alternative options. Once you schedule the use of a mobile storage unit, your unit will be delivered directly to your home and placed wherever you need it. Because of this, you can use the container at your convenience. Rather than waiting to pack everything into a moving truck, you have the ability to take your time, filling your unit over the course of however much time you choose to rent it for. You can then rest assured that all your boxes will fit, and you won’t have to stress and struggle on a moving day. When it’s time to head out to your new place, our reliable drivers will arrive promptly at a scheduled time for unit pick-up, saving you from any hassle.

  • Flexible
  • When it comes to portable storage units, flexibility is another incredible benefit. You can choose to rent these containers for as long or as short of a time period as you need. If you want to keep your unit for a longer period of time leading up to your move so you can pack your home gradually, you have the ability to do so, thanks to this helpful storage option. Similarly, if you’re looking to be able to take your time to unpack once you arrive at your new home, you can keep the storage unit for a longer time frame so you can unpack at your own pace. Mobile storage containers allow for the utmost flexibility, allowing you to do what works for you, instead of being forced to follow a timeline that may feel stressful.

  • Affordable
  • Finally, the affordability of mobile storage units is an important aspect of this storage solution. Because moving can be so expensive, you may be thinking that you don’t have the extra room in your budget to afford to rent one of these containers. Fortunately, renting a portable storage unit doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, you can easily find affordable pricing when seeking a mobile container. At The Mobile Attic, we commit ourselves to offer inexpensive rates to our customers. You can rent our containers at the following prices:

    • 8ft Portable Storage Container: $150/month
    • 12ft Portable Storage Container: $175/month
    • 16ft Portable Storage Container: $195/month

These costs offer an accessible option for people seeking portable storage containers for rent in St. Louis.

Your St. Louis Portable Storage Container Source

When you’re seeking a convenient, flexible, and affordable solution to improve the packing process during your move, a portable storage unit might just be the perfect option for you. Looking for mobile storage containers for rent in St. Louis?

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