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Looking for storage solutions in East St. Louis? Striving to find a storage company you can rely on? At the Mobile Attic, we take the responsibility of storing your belongings seriously and always aim to do so with the utmost care and consideration. When you need storage options in East St. Louis and beyond, the Mobile Attic is your number-one choice for dependable portable self-storage containers. We provide our customers with the best storage units so they can rest assured that their items are safe and protected in our weather-resistant, secure storage containers. For all your East St. Louis portable storage unit needs, rely on the Mobile Attic for the best quality and service every time!

Our Containers

What makes our containers so much better than our competitors’? When you lease a portable storage unit from the Mobile Attic, you can expect to receive a weather-resistant container made of solid aluminum and steel. Our containers don’t contain any wood in their construction, which can attract pests and hold moisture, ultimately harming the constitution of the unit. Instead, our units can withstand the elements and last much longer than other comparable ones composed of less sturdy materials. The containers have aluminum tops, floors, and sides that effectively reflect heat to keep the unit cool and repel moisture. Additionally, the Mobile Attic’s containers are all equipped with a built-in E-track cargo control system that includes four straps per unit, allowing you to carefully secure your belongings with confidence.

Our containers can also fit a wide variety of needs to suit what you’re looking to accomplish. They can be used during construction projects, remodeling, renovations, relocations, and even as a way for East St. Louis businesses to store extra inventory. Plus, we offer both long-term and short-term contract options so you can lease for however long it suits you and your needs. No matter what your goals are, our portable self-storage units can bring you closer to achieving them. Interested in our pricing? Discover the breakdown below!

The Mobile Attic’s affordable, flexible options provide you, your family, or your business with the solutions you’re searching for.

Our Suppliers

As you fill a storage unit, you will find that you require a number of different supplies to properly pack and protect your belongings. We know that there is a seemingly endless amount of supplies you need for your relocation, which is why we can provide those items directly to our customers. See our full menu of materials below.

Round disc lock $15
Small box (1.5 cubic ft.) $2.50
Medium box (3.0 cubic ft.) $3.00
Large box (4.5 cubic ft.) $4.00
Extra-large box (6.0 cubic ft.) $6.00
Dish pack $5.00
Cell divider (for dish packs) $8.00
Mirror carton (4 pcs. of cardboard) $10.00
Lamp carton $5.00
Packing tape $3.00
Packing paper (25 lb. bundle) $25.00
Bubble wrap (12” x 100’ roll) $20.00
Packing peanuts (14 cubic ft.) $30.00
Short wardrobe (24” wide) $10.00
Tall wardrobe (24” wide) $12.00
Wine shipping box (12 bottles with foam insert) $20.00
Full mattress bag $6.00
Queen mattress bag $8.00
King mattress bag $10.00
Crib mattress box $6.00
Twin or king split mattress box $12.00
Full mattress box $20.00
King/queen mattress box $20.00
King/queen pillowtop mattress box $25.00

In addition to our supplies for convenient packing, we also sell items to rent for storage and moving purposes. These supplies can aid you as you load your items into and unload your items from the storage unit.

Additional ratchet straps (4 included per unit) $5.00
Moving blanket $5.00
Appliance dolly $15.00
2-wheel hand truck $15.00
4-wheel dolly $15.00
Plastic moving totes (27” x 17” x 12” including 1 dolly per 4) $4.00
Speed pack (48” x 29” x 29”, sits on 4-wheel dolly) $10.00

When you buy or rent supplies from the Mobile Attic, you can depend on us to provide you with the highest quality products and the best prices so you can easily and conveniently complete your move or any other project you’re tackling.

Storage Solutions You Can Trust

The Mobile Attic is committed to giving our customers the best storage options in the East St. Louis area and beyond. When you book with us, we will schedule a convenient time for us to deliver your portable storage unit right to you. Upon arrival, our team will carefully place your container in an optimal spot for your access, on a solid, flat surface. Similarly, when you’re ready for your unit to be transported to your new location, we will schedule a time that works best for you and your schedule.
With the Mobile Attic, you can rest assured that your East St. Louis project — whether it’s commercial or residential — will be a success. Our team of experts is always happy to help you with a smile on our faces. If you’re looking for storage solutions, the Mobile Attic is your go-to for a stress-free, easy option! Request a free quote today, and find out just how simple and affordable working with the Mobile Attic can be!

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