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It’s time to move! More likely than not, you’re overwhelmed with the task and pulled in a thousand different directions trying to prepare for your impending relocation. Moving is known for being stressful, and much of that stress stems from packing. It goes without saying – it’s tough to pack your whole life into boxes. Luckily, a mobile storage unit can be your best friend during this time, making the process less frustrating.

How can you use portable storage units to their maximum advantage? Look no further for answers, and use these tips for packing mobile storage units to transform your move.

How to Pack Mobile Storage Containers Effectively

  • Organizing Your Items for Moving Let’s face it – we all feel daunted by the task of fitting everything we own into boxes and containers. Start to manage that overwhelming feeling by creating an organizational system. Before you’ve even typed “mobile storage units for rent” into your phone’s search bar, you can effectively organize your plan of attack.Perhaps the simplest way to make the process easier is to pack by room. By keeping these like items together in a way that makes sense to you (since, after all, you’re used to them being together in their respective rooms), it will be a lot easier when you finally get to unpacking them in your new space. Additionally, consistently labeling your boxes is important. You can tailor this process in whatever way works best for you. Maybe your mind works a bit more visually. In that case, ditch traditional labeling, and opt to color code your boxes with colored construction paper taped on the side. Each color can correspond to a different room in your new home. That way, you know exactly where to bring the box when it’s time to unload.Since many boxes will correspond to one room, you may also find it helpful to keep a running inventory of each box’s contents. This can serve as a directory to find what you need. You can label or number each box to keep track of their contents. Even if it may seem excessive, you’ll be thankful for your inventory when it saves you the time of digging through countless boxes for what you’re seeking. Think of it as a map to your portable storage unit.
  • Boxes & their Contents When packing your mobile storage containers, it’s worth your while to use boxes of the same size. By using uniform boxes, stacking will be much simpler, and you’ll make their best use of your space. Of course, you’ll also want to make sure these boxes are sturdy and properly reinforced. It’s crucial to securely tape the bottom of each box to ensure they don’t break open when being carried.Another focus of packing should be the way you fill your boxes. Putting all of your heavy items in one box is a definite recipe for disaster, no matter how much you’ve reinforced the boxes with tape. You’ll also have fragile items to pay special attention to. While paper or bubble wrap works nicely with these items, you can save space even further by using clothes or blankets to wrap your breakable objects. It’s a two-for-one deal – you protect fragile items, and you effectively save some space by repurposing other things you would otherwise be packing anyway.
  • Plan Your Placement Once you begin stacking your boxes, a big game of Tetris begins. Perhaps most obviously, you should leave a pathway down the middle of your portable storage unit to ensure you can walk around and get to your boxes. Next, consider how you will place your boxes. If there’s anything you will need to access during your move or will be a priority when unpacking, it’s probably best not to keep it in the back of the unit or on the bottom under countless boxes. Another consideration is to keep your heaviest, sturdiest boxes at the bottom of the stack so nothing gets crushed in the moving process.For items that won’t be in boxes, such as large furniture items, break them down into smaller pieces as much as you can. For instance, tables with detachable legs should be taken apart. You can also wrap items that could get scuffed and scratched in blankets or towels. Precautions like these will ensure your possessions arrive at your destination in the best condition possible. For furniture you can’t break down, such as dressers or drawers, use the space by filling them with other items. For additional security, put your cushions or pillows – placed in plastic bags – between any gaps. They can serve as added protection and prevent your items from sliding around while transporting your mobile storage unit.
  • Special Items to Consider During your move, not every item will be as cut and dry to pack. One category to pay special attention to is electronics. If you happen to still have the original packaging tucked away in a closet, pull that out and securely repackage. If not, no worries – you can use a standard box. Ensure you have your item carefully wrapped and secured with bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or Styrofoam. If you’re concerned about humidity, consider using a packet of silica gel to absorb any moisture. Otherwise, if at all possible, try to keep your most valuable electronics by your side during your move.The next category which can be difficult to pack and move is booked. Books are a great candidate to go in spare rolling suitcases. These suitcases are typically sturdy and provide a great home for your books during the moving process. Also, no matter how you choose to pack your books – standing up or lying flat – you should never have the spines facing upwards. You should also fill any gaps left in the boxes with something soft, such as clothing.A final category to consider is mattresses. Mattresses can be very expensive, and the last thing you want when you arrive at your new home is a ruined mattress – talk about a ruined night of sleep! You’ll want to wrap your mattress in a thin, breathable plastic wrap. In many cases, you will stand the mattress up on its side in the mobile storage container. However, if your mattress will be stored for a long period of time, it’s recommended to store the mattress flat on the floor if possible. Double-check the manufacturer instructions for your specific mattress for more help.

Time to Head to Your New Home!

Now that you’re well-equipped with strategies to pack your moving portable storage containers, you’re ready for your move. Just remember – organization and planning will be your best friend throughout this journey. And if you’re seeking mobile storage units for rent, check out what the Mobile Attic has to offer. They have state-of-the-art units to ensure a smooth moving process for you, and you can even find some additional tips for packing mobile storage units on their site. Happy moving!

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