Key Benefits of Leasing a Portable Storage Containers in St Louis

When it comes to looking for the best portable storage solutions for your business, having the right portable storage container on your side can make a huge difference. Whether you’re a small business, a construction site, or a large corporation with large-scale needs, you might wonder how to find the right solution for your space issues or extra space for your operation. However, whether you want long-term or short-term solutions, finding the right portable storage container for rent will let your business get the upgrade it deserves. Plus, finding the right movable storage container with flexible leasing options will let you create just the right storage for you and your operation on your terms.

If you’re looking for the right portable storage units for rent, Mobile Attic has you covered in everything you need to solve your space problems the right way. Whether you’re looking for portable storage containers for rent for the short or long term, or maybe are looking for a few different types of containers, our portable storage rental options are just what you’ve been looking for.

Why Rent Portable Storage?

There are plenty of reasons to rent vs. buy portable storage containers, and all depend on your specific needs and the uses these containers will be incorporated. Our portable storage containers can also serve as the solution to any of your spatial needs, whether you need them to store retail inventory, raw materials, or just to serve as a mobile office or workspace for employees. Storage containers provide you with the ultimate level of flexibility and the option to get the storage you need at the right prices.

If you’re not fully convinced that portable storage containers are exactly what you need for your company’s storage solutions, we’ve compiled some of the top reasons why renting a portable storage unit is a way to go. So, what are the best reasons for going with portable storage? Let’s find out!

  • Portable Storage’s Affordability: One of the biggest reasons why people use portable storage containers to solve their space issues is because of how affordable of cost-effective portable storage containers are. With low-cost and highly versatile and durable containers, business owners and job site managers alike will save a huge amount of money in the long term by renting portable storage. Not only will they solve your current space issues, but will also allow you to expand your space without having to move or put an addition onto your space. Their versatility also allows you to use them for a variety of jobs. Portable storage’s affordability only becomes more apparent when it comes to the amount of versatility and different uses they provide. Now, portable storage containers are highly affordable whether you rent or buy them, but their low-price ranges allow you to tailor your leasing durations to fit your business’ needs and budget. When deciding to rent vs. buy a portable storage container, consider what you need it for, how long you need it for, and whether you’re using this container for personal or professional use.
  • Solving Cramped Space Problems: Now maybe we should’ve put this one first, as it’s a bit of a given, but the reason many people choose to invest in portable storage rental is because of the amount of space you’ll be able to enjoy! Having a portable storage unit on-site and accessible allows you to truly clear out your business of inventory that is clogging up your sales floor or back room, or that will let you organize your job site for the duration of your project. Whether you’re operating a large site or are just looking to make some more room without having to move your store or business’ current location, having portable storage containers is the perfect solution.
  • Safety & Security: Because portable storage containers are constructed with high-grade steel and with various locking mechanisms and fortifications to keep out intruders or thieves, you’ll be able to rest peacefully knowing your company or site’s assets are being kept safe. Renting portable storage containers means that you’re not only creating a space for your excess inventory or materials but that you’re able to invest in your security and peace of mind. Storage containers are extremely secure units and are made to thoroughly protect your things from theft, damage, and even the elements.
  • Flexible Leasing Options: Another huge perk to renting portable storage containers is the availability of so many different leasing options. Whether you’re looking for long-term or short-term options, these storage containers will not only suit your needs, but the flexibility of your lease will let you truly tailor the space solutions you need to the timeline put in place. There are plenty of options for you regardless of how long you need portable storage.
  • Versatility of Use: Portable storage containers are extremely versatile solutions that allow you to truly cater to your and your business’ spatial needs. When you rent a portable storage container, you’ll enjoy dependable high-quality storage options – no matter what you need them for!
  • Inventory Selection: When you rent a portable storage container from Mobile Attic, you’ll benefit from our wide selection and range of containers. From large and small storage boxes to refrigerated trailers and more, you’ll be able to find exactly what your company needs. On top of having a ton of inventory options for you to choose from, we know that you of course want to know that you’re getting the right container for your business needs. Renting is a great way to try out different sizes and upgrade your container if need be so you can get exactly what you need when you need it. Whether renting or buying, it can be easy to not even know where to start when it comes to choosing the right container. Know that no matter what size of the container you go with, your unit can be easily customized to fit your various needs.
  • Convenience: Renting portable storage is incredibly convenient, especially when it comes to clearing out your space when you need it. If you need it now, you can have it! Done packing it up? We can come to get it and bring it to our warehouse for safe keeping. Done with using it completely? We’ll come back and take it off your hands. Rent as you need, and give the container back when you don’t! One of the best parts of renting a portable storage container is that you’ll save a lot of money in comparison to buying one upfront, and is especially ideal for those only looking for short-term options. Plus, with Mobile Attic’s pricing, you’ll be able to get a great deal plus easy delivery.
  • Portable Storage Tax Breaks: Renting a portable storage container also comes with some tax benefits in comparison to buying one. On top of not having to pay any money upfront to rent your container, you’ll also most likely be able to write a portion or all of your monthly rental payments off on your taxes as business expenses. You’ll also be able to not only take deductions from leasing payments but also could write off operating expenses as well.
  • Low-Maintenance Storage Solutions: Since portable storage containers are made of high-grade steel that makes them durable and versatile, this construction also serves to make them extremely low-maintenance and easy to keep looking their best. Not to mention, if you’re worried about wear and tear that might occur while you have your container, don’t sweat it. Since you’re renting your container, we’ll take care of repairing your unit.
  • Great Customer Service: Another great benefit of working with Mobile Attic’s portable storage options is our amazing customer service team and their attention to detail. No matter what questions you might have, they’re truly there to help you with whatever you may need.

Renting or Buying Storage Container for Business

Portable storage containers make the perfect resources for businesses looking to store excess inventory, products, or materials for construction projects, and allow you to keep your items safe without creating excessive expenses. Freeing up space and avoiding a complete expansion will also help you keep costs down while having an organized, workable space or job site. Portable storage containers are also very convenient and are easily transported, so you can move your inventory around with you if need be.

No matter if you end up renting or buying your portable storage container, make sure to work with Mobile Attic to attain the best value and to have access to the best storage container options for all of your rental needs.

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