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When it’s time to rent a portable storage unit, you not only need to choose the best company to rent from, but you also need to decide what size of portable storage container will be perfect for you. Depending on what you’ll be storing, you have a variety of sizes to pick from. As an industry standard, Portable Storage Containers are typically 8 feet tall and 8 feet wide – aside from certain containers which may be taller for commercial use. This leaves you to choose between a few different container lengths. How can you know which size suits your needs? Discover the best option for you in our guide!

What Size Storage Container Do You Need?

Keep in mind that dimensions may vary from company to company, but we’ve listed the most common standards.

  • Start with an Inventory : Before you even look at the various container sizes, determine what your needs are. Are you packing to move an entire house? Or are you looking to hold the contents of a 2-bedroom apartment? Do you have a garage or basement full of items you’ll want to bring along with you? Or is this mobile storage container serving as supplemental storage space at your current residence? For instance, you may just be seeking a storage solution for seasonal items or perhaps to work as a shed of sorts. Whatever you’re looking to achieve, it’s important to assess ahead of time.If you’re using the container for moving purposes, determine what you’re keeping and what’s not coming with you. If you’re bringing a lot of larger furniture pieces, you’ll need to consider a larger storage space option. If it’ll mostly be boxed, that factors into your space needs, as boxes can be stacked and fit into the unit more compactly. Additionally, if you’re using a storage unit for moving, you can fill it to the brim without leaving a path for walking, but if you’re keeping the unit long-term and will need to go inside and grab things from time to time, you’ll need more space. With these considerations in mind, you can move forward by looking at your size options. Your chosen moving and storage company can probably provide you with some insight and give you an estimate to confirm that you choose the right size for you.
  • 8′ x 8′ An 8’ x 8’ mobile storage container is estimated to hold about 1 room of furniture. This will work for a 1-bedroom apartment or contents of a 600-square-foot space. Storing numerous large furniture items would not be ideal for this size option. However, this size would be perfect for a move where you’re mainly storing boxes that can be stacked neatly and if you won’t need to walk inside the container. Alternatively, you could consider using this size for the contents of a shed, perhaps for one large item like a lawnmower, snowblower, or even a motorcycle and a few other smaller items.
  • 8′ x 12′ An 8’ x 12’ portable storage container is estimated to hold about 2 to 3 rooms of furniture. The 12’ length works well for a 2-bedroom apartment or contents of an 800-square-foot space. This step-up in size would serve nicely if you needed to use the container long-term and wanted to be able to move around inside the unit to grab items occasionally. This container is also better suited for larger furniture items, especially if you have something like a couch that can’t be taken apart.
  • 8′ x 16′ An 8’ x 16’ mobile storage container is estimated to hold about 3 to 4 rooms of furniture. This option should be considered for 2 or 3 bedrooms or contents of a 1,000-square-foot space. With 16 feet in length, this option provides ample space for items like couches, chairs, tables, dressers, and mattresses. If you’re able to disassemble these pieces, that’s even better – you’ll have plenty of room for various larger pieces in that case. This suits a move as you will likely only need to use one container depending on your current house size. Another option for a container with these dimensions is to use it as a replacement for your garage or basement storage. Because of its spaciousness, you have plenty of room to fill with boxes while still being able to move around inside. This works great as a long-term option.
  • 8′ x 20′ An 8’ x 20’ storage container is estimated to hold about 4 to 5 rooms of furniture, frequently regarded to fit the contents of a 1,200-square-foot house. As the biggest size commonly available to rent, this 20’ length provides a great amount of space for various purposes. Whether you’re looking to store large items that typically reside in your garage or you need to store a house’s worth of furniture, you have an abundance of space to work with that won’t leave you trying to squeeze items in. When seeking portable storage containers for rent, this option is definitely ideal for a family moving houses.

The Mobile Storage Containers for Your Needs

With these factors in mind, you can successfully find the container size that’s best for you and fulfill your storage needs easily. If you’re looking for a reliable moving storage container, discover how The Mobile Attic can help you. With plenty of container size options, reliable experts, and quality storage solutions, your storage goals can be achieved through The Mobile Attic.

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