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You’re preparing for your big move, and you want to figure out the best way to make the experience as smooth as possible. After all, moving can be a huge source of stress, so understandably, avoiding that stress is a top priority throughout the relocation process. Although you may feel like the task will be difficult no matter what, there are certainly some effective methods to minimize the headache of moving. What could be the solution? Consider this – a portable storage container.

What is a portable storage container? These mobile units are essentially secure, protective aluminum containers used to transport your belongings from point A to point B. Residential storage containers in St. Louis can offer an efficient way to hold your items and deliver them to your new house at your own pace. But maybe you’re still wondering, “How can this storage container improve my moving experience any more than your average moving truck?” Fortunately, we have your answers. Keep reading to discover exactly how a mobile storage container can transform your move!

  1. Plenty of space: First and foremost, portable storage containers provide plenty of space to accommodate all your belongings. Because these units can be rented in a wide variety of sizes, you can choose the best option for you. Plus, this offers a more economical solution since you are only paying for the space you need. The containers are available in 8 feet, 12 feet, and 16 feet sizes. Depending on how many belongings you’re looking to store and their size of them, you can plan accordingly. When you consult an expert at your chosen moving company, you can receive some guidance from them regarding the size that would work best for you. Then, you can comfortably fit everything you need inside your container.
  2. Easy to load and unload: Another convenient perk of mobile storage units is their ease. When bringing items in and out of a moving truck, you need to rely on a ramp. This might seem like a small obstacle, but it can really add to the physical toll of moving. When working with a storage container, you don’t need to deal with this issue because your unit will be on ground level. Because of this, the convenience of this option is unmatched. You can easily transport your items without much difficulty when it comes to a residential storage container.
  3. Allows more time: When you use a moving van or truck, you have a limited timeframe to load and unload your belongings. In stark contrast, a mobile storage container offers flexible timelines in contrast to the other option’s rigid schedules. How long you rent your storage container is entirely up to you. If you need your unit for months at a time, not a problem! Because of this, you can work with ease at a slower pace instead of rushing to fill a traditional truck. As you pack your house, you can begin filling the storage unit little by little on your own time. Similarly, when the container is transported to your new home, you can take your time to unpack, rather than being forced to unload everything immediately. This is an adaptable way to approach your move.
  4. Secure storage option: Portable storage containers offer great security advantages. Of course, these units are incredibly sturdy and built to withstand all sorts of conditions with their durability. They are created with longevity in mind, and these units can easily hold up against the elements. Additionally, they are protected effectively with locks that greatly decrease the risk of theft. Plus, since residential storage containers are kept right near your house, it’s easy to feel like your unit is safe and sound because you’ll be able to keep an eye on it.
  5. Easy and seamless delivery: Finally, a great advantage of mobile storage containers is their simplified delivery. Rather than nervously driving a big moving truck to your house or anxiously awaiting the arrival of your movers with the truck, you can easily coordinate when your mobile unit will be picked up from your former residence and when it will be delivered to your new home. When it’s time for your container to be picked up, the professionals with your moving company will load the unit onto a flatbed truck using a forklift system, which reduces movement and jostling in comparison to the process with moving trucks. These companies can easily bring your belongings locally or interstate, making delivery a breeze.

Storage containers for your next move

With the right residential storage container, your next move can feel like a walk in the park. Looking for portable storage containers for sale in St. Louis? Depend on The Mobile Attic for your mobile storage unit needs. With trusted professionals, reliable service, and a customer-focused attitude, we commit ourselves to provide the best solutions possible for every move. No matter where you’re moving, we’ve got you covered. Request a free storage estimate online, and discover how we can transform your move!

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