How Much Does a Storage Conatiner Cost? - Storage units pricing

Average Price of a Storage Container

Portable storage containers contain so many benefits that make them the perfect go-to storage solutions for residential and commercial uses. From on-site retail or office storage, residential or commercial moving needs, or on-site storage for construction sites, you can do just about anything with the right portable storage on your side. You can even create mobile office solutions or expand your business without having to move or make a physical add-on.

When looking for the right portable storage container for you, odds are you’re probably wondering how much it is to rent the right size of container you need, and how much you’re looking to pay with one supplier vs. with another. Below, we’ll go over the different kinds of containers available for you to rent and how much you’ll pay per month for each.

What Type of Storage Container is Best?

Shopping around for portable storage containers can often be more complicated than you might initially think, especially if you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for just yet. The key to getting the right price is not just knowing what you want either, it’s knowing where to look for it! So, what should you look for in a portable storage container, and where should you get one from? Let’s investigate the different sizes and types of containers and which supplier is best for you before getting into pricing.

Storage Container Types

There are many different types of mobile storage containers out there, which can all serve various needs and types of use. At The Mobile Attic, we’re proud to offer a very varied number of containers and sizes, including 8’x8’, 8’x12’, 8’x16’, and 8’x20’ storage boxes which can store just about anything you might need! Whether looking for residential storage during a home remodel or commercial storage at a construction site, you can work with the options The Mobile Attic has for you.

In addition to giving, you the most varied portable storage options for your home or business, The Mobile Attic also allows you to work with a storage provider who emphasizes the importance of exemplary customer service and support during every aspect of your buying experience. Our expert staff of customer service professionals will be happy to guide you through every aspect of the rental process, from initially choosing your container to choosing your pricing and rental terms and delivery and pickup. We’re also here to take care of any and all issues you might come across during the process.

Working with a mobile storage provider who operates with professionalism and integrity will make all of the difference in ensuring your container fits you and is right for your needs. From there, you can consider the pricing of your prospective container so you don’t have to worry about going off budget.

How Much is a Storage Container Cost to Rent?

Choosing the right portable storage container makes sure not only that you’re receiving a container that’s high quality and that truly fits your needs but also ensures that you’re receiving the best pricing for the value you’re getting.

So, what are you looking at in terms of rental pricing? When looking for the price of storage containers in St. Louis, you’ll probably first come across options from large companies like Pods, who purport to have the lowest prices for their inventory of containers. However, with a little research, you’ll find that there are multiple other options for mobile storage units.

The Mobile Attic in particular is proud to offer portable storage container prices that are highly competitive and very low for the quality of the containers we provide to our customers. The following are some of the monthly rental price points for the most popular sizes of our containers:

Storage units pricing:

  • 8’ x8’ Container (1 room): $159/month
  • 8’x12’ Container (2 rooms): $189/month
  • 8’x16’ Container (3-4 Rooms): $199/month
  • 8’x20’ Container (4-5 Rooms): $249/month

This pricing will allow you to confidently store your items without having to worry about your budget or breaking the bank in the process.

Finding the right portable storage option for you and your business or residential needs will let you benefit from their easy-to-load and transport design, on-site convenience and availability, and the access to your items that you’ll enjoy through using an on-site storage container.

Using the right mobile storage unit provider and knowing what to look for in portable storage unit prices will let you find the right container for you without having to worry about financial concerns or availability issues that come with warehouse stores. Looking for the best portable storage containers for rent in St. Louis? Work with The Mobile Attic today to get our best containers at our best rates.

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