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When it comes to packing, the process requires a lot more than simply throwing items into boxes haphazardly. Although that may be the fastest route, it certainly won’t yield the best results. When it comes to loading a portable storage unit, you need a strategy to transport your belongings compactly and carefully. With some consideration and the right methods, the task can go off without a hitch, leaving you stress-free and your items undamaged. Discover our tips for packing mobile storage units, and find out the best way to strategize for your move.

  1. Choose your materials wisely: Once you’ve found mobile storage units for rent in your area, your next step is to acquire the proper materials for packing. Using sturdy boxes of the same size is ideal, as they will stack easily and fill the space more compactly. You’ll want to reinforce every box on the bottom with packing tape. Make sure you have an ample amount, as you’ll need to tape your boxes shut as well.You will also need some sort of material to fill the empty space in your boxes and to pad any items that need some extra protection. Newspapers and packing paper both work well for this task. Additionally, you can employ the help of bubble wrap or packing peanuts for anything that needs some cushioning. We also recommend moving blankets and moving bands for your furniture.
  2. Pack your boxes effectively: The way you fill your boxes is more important than you might anticipate. First, you want to take full advantage of your boxes, making sure to fit everything in nicely, and ensuring your items are snug. This may make you think you should fill every box to capacity, but that isn’t always the case. Making sure the boxes aren’t too heavy is crucial – you don’t want to deal with boxes you can hardly lift or, even worse, boxes that are likely to break while being carried.Don’t put too many heavy items into a single box. Try your best to spread things out evenly, and check that your boxes aren’t unnecessarily heavy. You don’t need to spread things out an unreasonable amount, but it’s in your (and your items’) best interest to have the weight distributed as much as possible. A tightly packed box of a reasonable weight is the ideal condition to strive for.
  3. Protect your belongings: You’re bound to have fragile items to transport – belongings that require a bit more care. This is where the supplies you’ve prepared will come in handy. Protective supplies, such as bubble wrap, will work well to wrap around items that need some padding. You can also strategically use your clothes or blankets to wrap around things or put between them. Mark boxes with these items as fragile so you know to handle them with extra care.For furniture items, the aforementioned moving blankets and moving bands will come in handy. You can wrap your furniture in the blankets and use the bands to keep the blankets in place. These precautions prevent scuffing and scratching. For mattresses, it’s best to check manufacturer guidelines, but you will likely need some sort of plastic cover to protect them. These various precautions keep your belongings in the best condition possible during your move.
  4. Take inventory: While you’re filling your boxes, take a moment to keep track (at least vaguely) of what goes in each box. If you have the time, keep a list of what’s going into each box so you can easily find what you need once you’ve arrived at your new place. You’ll also need to label each box. It’s best to do this on every side, clearly and in a dark marker, so you can see the label no matter how the box is positioned in the mobile storage containers. Organize your labeling system and inventory in whatever way works best for you.
  5. Strategize your placement: When you place your items inside the portable storage unit, a few different steps can make the process much more efficient. You’ll want to create a wall of boxes, stacked from floor to ceiling all around the unit. Keep your heaviest boxes on the bottom, then work your way up to the lightest. The more evenly you have the weight distributed around your unit, the better.If there are any boxes, you’ll need access to at any point during the move, try to keep a path to them open, or have those boxes stored at the unit’s entrance. Make sure you fill empty space as best as you can. Pillows, cushions, and blankets work perfectly for maximizing space in this way.

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Packing doesn’t need to be a stressful, overwhelming task. With these 5 effective steps, moving portable storage containers is easier than you could’ve anticipated. For your next move, enlist the help of The Mobile Attic. Find out today how The Mobile Attic’s affordable and reliable storage units and experienced professionals can make moving a breeze!

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