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/images/container.jpg  Packing Supplies to Purchase for Storage and Moving

Small Cardboard Moving Box (18x12x12) $1.45 ea
Medium Cardboard Moving Box (18x18x18) $2.35 ea
Large Cardboard Moving Box (24x18x18) $2.95 ea
Wardrobe Moving Box with Rod (24x20x46) $14.95 ea
Picture Frame Moving Box 2 pieces (42x35x7) $8.40 for both pieces
Bubble Wrap Perfed 4x12 sheets (250' roll) $32.00 ea
Eco Friendly Packing Peanuts (14 cubic feet) $29.95 ea
Stainless Steel Storage Lock $10.00



/images/container.jpg  Items Available to Rent for Storage and Moving

T Straps $2.50
Blankets $2.50
Appliance Moving Dolly $10.00
Furniture Moving Dolly $10.00



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